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Mothers and Daughters (2001)
Dread Locks and Pony Tales, The Long Hairz Collective (2003)
Beyond My Control (2004)
Planting Gardens (2006)
Children of the Earth (2007)
Touch the Earth (2009)
Let’s Go Outside (2011)
Hello Ocean EP (2012)
Album cover for Greyhound Bus Tour Greyhound Bus Tour (Earthwork Music, 2013)
The Circle (Earthwork Music, 2016)


Special Projects

Soundtrack to My Life DVD (2003)
Burning, The Long Hairz Collective (2005)
How Do We Get to 350? (2010)
The LSNC Summer Camp Song (2011)
We Are Dream Seekers (2011)
Greatest Dreams (2018)
Be Kind (2019)