Vote for Mother Earth

Allison and I voted last week, completing our absentee ballots at the kitchen table. We first lit a candle and burned cedar, sage, sweetgrass, and tobacco. We prayed for our ancestors to help us make wise decisions in the interest of future generations. And we utilized our internet connection to research candidates about whom we knew little, doing our best to make educated choices.

In each case we chose candidates who stand for justice and whose work seems rooted in environmental and social ethics. We sealed our ballots, signed them carefully, and drove them to our city clerk’s office to drop them off. It was so easy and satisfying. Although ours are only two votes, we recognize them as important components in our work for healing and progressive change.

I vote because I care deeply about our public health and the health of our planet. I believe in environmental justice; the right for all people-regardless of race or economic status-to have a clean, healthy, and safe environment. This includes the right to safe and fair policing for communities of color and the right for all people to have food, water, shelter, and health care. My vote is rooted in love for my fellow humans and our Mother Earth, and in the courage to change the things I can.

During these past four years we have lived through a relentless onslaught of attacks on environmental policy from the Trump administration, from his pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement to his green lighting of oil pipelines through Native communities and opening of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for drilling. At the same time Trump’s encouragement of white supremacy has amplified the devastating effects of systemic racism on communities of color.

Our country is in desperate need for a change in leadership. We need leaders who will stand up for the health of all people and of the earth. The Biden-Harris ticket is a necessary step in the right direction. Senator Gary Peters will continue to fight to protect the Great Lakes and the people of Michigan. Who on your ballot will fight for Mother Earth and environmental justice?

I encourage you to use your voice and your vote to advocate for the issues that matter most to you. Below are some voting resources that I have found helpful in making my vote for Mother Earth. I hope they are helpful for you too.

With love and courage,

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