Thunderstorm Dreams

Thunderstorm dreams. Early morning songbird serenades. Cloudy sunshine purple crocus afternoons. Mother Earth is waking up from her long winter slumber, keeping her promise to all beings that the seasons will indeed change and that new life will again be born.This mysterious process of transformation works its way through my internal world as well, composting the layers of fear, shame, and anxiety that exist in my mind into opportunities for love, service, and new growth in my heart.

As I write this I am aware of the many generous beings who share their time, energy, wisdom, smiles, laughter, and love with me in ways that allow me to continue on my path. I am so grateful to Allison for her many precious gifts and to the diverse spiritual and musical communities to which we have the privilege of belonging. Because of these community gardeners, I have been able to plant winter seeds in spring soil.I have been busy working on several recording projects, performing on my west coast tour and back home here in Michigan, and helping to facilitate songwriting workshops from Bainbridge Island to Ann Arbor. I am working on two new children’s albums: Diversity, a collection of songs that celebrate inclusive community in many forms, and Decomposers’ Poop, a short collection of songs about compost-related topics.

In addition to these projects, I am working with the Dream Seekers Youth Group at American Indian Health and Family Services in Detroit on a new album of original contemporary urban Native American songs. Allison and I are also starting to record a few Spirits Rising tunes for an EP and future album!

I am excited for these new recordings to evolve and grow during this season of hope and life. I will let you know as soon as they are ready to bloom and invite you to share them with your friends and families.

I am happy to continue to share this little gift of music with the world in ways that support happiness, creativity, and community. Let the music flow and may our hearts grow, all season long!


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