The Room in Your Heart

“The room in your heart is infinite.  There’s no limit to what can fit in it.  If love is what you give love is what you get.  It’s a balance between mind-body-spirit.”    ~Infinite Hearts, from Planting Gardens

What if we lived in a society whose economy was based on helping one another and taking care of the earth rather that exploiting people and natural resources for maximized profits?  What if our businesses were designed to support the health and well-being of everyone, of children and old people, of those with disabilities, of workers and their families, and even those who have no money?  What if the “invisible hand” of the free market was motivated by love and compassion rather than greed and fear?  What if we recognized the spiritual value of every being rather than their monetary worth?

We are alive in a time when our collective challenges of violence, war, discrimination, divisiveness, and a warming unstable climate require us to find sources of creative, infinite wisdom and energy within ourselves and each other, and to produce love and compassion rather than profits and accumulated material possessions.

Are these just simple idealistic dreams?  Maybe, but I find myself being called to these visions for a new, compassionate and sustainable economy again and again.  Amidst the frenzy of consumerism, the ongoing assault on workers’ unions, and our steady march towards the “fiscal cliff,” I find myself continually challenged to go beyond my selfish desires for material stuff and to let go, to give, and to practice generosity.

I try to anchor my musical career in this understanding, and to run my music business with the goal of watering positive seeds in myself and in others, and in the collective consciousness of our society.  When I operate from this place of knowing, I find myself happy and fulfilled, and I feel aligned with a divine purpose.

Of course I need continuous reminders of this purpose, especially when decoys of money, fame, and ego-recognition distract my attention.  Thankfully, there are many listeners, songs, and fellow musicians that bring me back to my true home in the here and now, to my place of knowing why I am here and how I can best serve.

I am fortunate to be part of the Earthwork Music Collective, a community of independent musicians in Michigan who use their musical talents to create positive social and environmental change and to empower youth.  In support of the idea of a new, compassionate and sustainable economy, Earthwork Music is hosting a holiday music sale.  Visit for more sale details and feel good knowing that you are helping to directly support the work of independent artists while sharing the gift of quality music with your loved ones.

And so my wish for all of us at this year’s end, this season of longer nights, is for a fresh vision of relationship with our work and with one another.  May we all recognize our greater purpose of serving love and sharing compassion in creative and joyful ways.  Happy Holidays to you and to yours, to ours, and to all our relations.



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