The Circle

“Come and join the circle, all people hand in hand.”

The Circle is not just a children’s music album. It is an invitation for people of all ages and identities to join together in unity and peace, building diverse communities that support the health and well-being of our children, families, and our Mother Earth.  It is a call to see Beyond Colors and to realize our deep connections and interdependence with one another.

From The Circle we can celebrate and be Thankful for the gifts of life, love, and relationship. We can practice our Core Democratic Values of Diversity, justice, equality, truth, and The Common Good, realizing with joy that we are all One Community.

It has taken many notes, measures, songs, hours, days, weeks, months, and years to bring The Circle into being. I am overflowing with gratitude to the Great Spirit, the ancestors, and to the many talented musicians, engineers, artists, and children that have contributed to the album. I hope that you enjoy and share the music in celebration of the love that is within you and all around you.


Please join my friends and I in celebrating the album’s release at two special concerts October 22nd in Detroit and October 29th in Ann Arbor. CDs will be available for purchase at both concerts or you can order them online or download the album now!

In this moment when so many destructive patterns seem to dominate our collective consciousness, let us allow ourselves to take our rightful place within the circle of healing, family, togetherness, and peace. Let us lift one another up in hope and friendship. Let us sing together in joy.

Yours in the music,


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