Still Evolving

Dear Friends,
As we move into the summer season during this unprecedented time in human history, let us remember that we are still evolving as a species. We are indeed among the younger siblings in the ancient story of life in the universe. We still have so much to learn about how to live in balance with our Mother Earth and with all of our relatives, human and non-human.

Allison and I continue to learn and practice this balance together, navigating the joys and challenges of partnership as we both grow and evolve. We were recently blessed with a beautiful 107 year-old house in southwest Detroit. It was no easy task to acquire a mortgage on a social worker and folk singer’s earnings. But through the generosity of the Great and Holy Spirit working through friends and family, we have become first time “homeowners.”

Yet this label seems inadequate, and is charged with an exploitative understanding of personal property rooted in the colonization of sacred land and Indigenous peoples. We are working to transform our understanding of “ownership” into a sense of “stewardship” that can be a pathway to liberation and restoration.

Just as the house came to us through the gift economy, we wish to invest our energy and creativity in making “Grandmother House,” as we have come to call her, into a home where the energy of music, mindfulness, healing, and joy can manifest freely-not only for ourselves but for the community of all beings. We have a lot to learn from Grandmother House!

We do this in gratitude and humility, thanking our Beloved Community and the many ancestors who have come before, especially our Bodewadmi family whose village was once located where our neighborhood is now.

We invite you to sing with us this summer. Sing us back to our true home in the present moment. Our true home as members of the still evolving human family. Our true home as children of our Mother Earth. Our true home as musical spiritual beings in a vast and wondrous universe.

Singing with you in the neighborhood and in the cosmos,

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