Songs Without Borders

“Las mariposas no tienen fronteras, ambos lugares son sus casas
The butterflies have no borders, both places are their homes”

Music helps us experience our common humanity. Singing together invites us to connect on a heart level beyond space and time, encouraging us to break down barriers that prevent us from loving and living fearlessly. In this time when it is so easy to react with hatred, anger, disgust, and contempt towards those with whom we disagree, when we are taught and conditioned to perceive those who are different than ourselves as inferior, how can we learn to take refuge in the sanctity of our interdependence with all people, and with all beings?
Sharing rhythms and melodies helps me to get there, if only for fleeting moments. Music helps me realize that our interconnectedness is not only possible, but necessary for our survival as a species. Our Mother Earth is calling on us to wake up. Our ancestors are lovingly inviting us to wake up. Can you hear them singing? They are asking us to come together in unity, to join our hearts, minds, and voices so that we may recognize our shared existence and act to protect the sacredness of all life, not only for ourselves but for future generations.
Let us come together and sing in unity beyond borders, in oneness and with joy, for all beings,

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