Salt Truck Angel

“Open up my heart. I see the road it may be hard. But I got my guitar and my feet to carry me, gently.”
~Healing Song (Greyhound Bus Tour)

Its been snowing again here in our Michigan winter wonderland. Snow falling gently from the heavens into our ordered chaos. Tiny ice fairies gracefully bringing blessings of peace and serenity from above into our human world. Slowing us all down. Reminding us of our sacred connection to all life, of our vulnerabilities and of our interdependence.

For some reason I felt compelled to make the trip north through the snow last month from metro Detroit to Traverse City, during one of our many recent snowstorms. The normally 4-hour trip turned into a 6-hour adventurous journey due to the snowfall. I slowed down, stayed in the right lane, and said many prayers along the way.

Prayers of gratitude, prayers for protection, prayers to help those whose cars had wound up in the ditches along side of the road. The prayers guided me safely to Traverse City where I was welcomed into a cozy venue called the Circuit. I was greeted by my friends who run the Human Nature School, a wilderness awareness and environmental education program to helps kids enjoy the outdoors in all seasons. A wonderful group of families came out to support the school’s scholarship fund and to enjoy some singing and dancing. We decomposed, we flapped our wings, we moved like water, and of course we fell gently like snow. What a gift!

After staying the night with generous friends in the north country, I awoke to more snow and the prospect of making the drive all over again in the opposite direction. I continued slowly, and was protected by many angels along the way, including one driving a salt truck several cars ahead of me on M-72. He slowed everyone down and made way for a safe passage. I waved in gratitude when he stopped to turn around and I continued on to I-75. I stayed in the slow lane, breathing and singing and praying all the way home.

It is a journey of the heart, this sharing of music, traveling and performing. Sometimes it is exhilarating. Often it pushes and stretches me to the point where I have no choice but to put my full faith and trust in the hands of the Great Spirit, to breathe and smile and pay attention to the angels in our midst. I am grateful to the snow for bringing me back to the slow lane, for reflecting light in such beautiful ways, and for reminding me of the many helpers who are always available to me in each moment.

So much new life awaits us beneath this snowy blanket! 2013 was full of so many blessings and 2014 promises to be just as rich and abundant. Stay tuned for a brand new video of my song Breathing directed by videographer Nathan Meadows and featuring scenes from Detroit and Lake City Michigan, and Oakland and Muir Beach, California.

I am honored and excited that my most recent album, Greyhound Bus Tour (Earthwork Music, 2013), has been nominated for Album of the Year in the 2013 Jammies by independent radio station WYCE in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  You can cast your vote in support of myself and so many other wonderfully talented artists online here.  Scroll down to the Listeners Choice Award link. Voting deadline is February 1st. Thanks for your support!
I’ll see you in the slow lane friends.

Letting it snow, taking it slow, 


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