Rain Falls Gently

Rain falls gently onto the soil, soaking into roots and seeds and helping to generate the mysterious, surprising, and miraculous rebirth that is spring in Michigan. This annual transformation inspires a few questions in me for reflection and contemplation.

What will I work to cultivate during this season of earth awakening? What needs to be weeded and composted into fertilizer for new growth? Who will I ask to be my co-gardeners?

Certainly I will ask the sun, the rain, and the soil to help in these endeavors. I will also ask my fellow musical, spiritual, and community gardeners to lend their hands and hearts.

My gardens this year include both physical manifestations of plants and roots as well as metaphorical gardens of love and creative collaboration. As Allison and I continue to cultivate our “love’s garden,” we will also prepare the soil to grow vegetables and berries. As I turn the compost in my own backyard, I realize the work yet to be completed on my latest musical project.

I am listening to the evolving soundtrack of this new children’s album, Diversity. I hope to grow this collection of songs into a musical orchard that in turn waters seeds of inclusiveness and acceptance within families and in our world. I am so happy to be able to offer songs that help remind us of our interdependence, of the simple fact that we need one another.

In addition to my band the Community Gardeners (Allison, Mark, Lesley-Anne, Marion, and Gayelynn) who have already generously contributed to the making of this album, I am so happy that the Detroit Children’s Choir and Kalamazoo folk music duo Red Tail Ring will also add their voices and instruments to the mix.

I am fortunate to have many garden beds that can benefit from the loads of compost that are created from the fear, loneliness, anger, and misunderstanding that are prevalent all around and within us. And I am so grateful for the help of loved ones and strangers in this life-giving gardening process.

One song, one breath at a time, we work together with our Mother Earth to transform the refuse into food, the garbage into flowers.

With love from your fellow community gardener,


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