Legacies of Peace



“When we take a look at our history, we see some things we don’t like to see, like violence theft and slavery, so we need to protect equality.” 

~The Common Good, From The Circle

We have inherited many legacies of violence, racism, and discrimination in this country. We have also inherited strong and timeless legacies of peace, nonviolence, diversity, healing, and understanding. Which seeds do we water in our daily lives? Which do we cultivate and share with the world? What direction do we choose to follow as individuals, families, communities, and as a country?

The choice is ours to make in each action we take, in each step, in each breath, and in every song we sing. We have the power to create peace in ourselves and our world. Of course this is no easy task. It takes diligent effort, resilience, and community support.

I continue to find a safe and healing refuge in music, creative expression, in nature, and in my work with children and youth. I am fortunate to be working on a new children’s album entitled The Circle, which joyfully integrates all of these healing elements. I hope to release the album in the fall and am so excited to share it with you.

The Circle has been enriched with the talents of many musicians young and old, including students from Ann Arbor Public Schools and the Boggs School in Detroit,Red Tail Ring, the Detroit Children’s ChoirMay Erlewine BernardMax Lockwood,Allison RadellJamie RuslingLori FithianGayelynn McKinney, Marion Hayden, and Mark and Lesley-Anne Stone.

The songs on The Circle water seeds of hope and community through messages of friendship, diversity, common good, healing, and gratitude. This album will be a humble contribution to the garden of humanity in our country and around the world that seeks to cultivate peace and grow inclusive community through love and understanding.

I am asking for support in helping this musical vision to fully manifest. Financial contributions of any amount are very helpful and are greatly appreciated (my budget shortfall and fundraising goal is $1,300). Click the yellow button below to make your donation and/or pre-order The Circle.

I will also need help publicizing the new album and spreading the word to children and families who may appreciate the music. I would love to collaborate with a videographer in producing a new video for the album.

And of course I need your continued spiritual support to keep on the path of music, love, and peace. Truly, this is a team effort and I couldn’t do it without you!

Whatever ways you are able to contribute, I appreciate your willingness to stand together in the circle and bear witness to the peace, compassion, and inclusiveness that we can create together.

Yours in the music,


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