“I better start to love the seeds I’m sowin’, cause even if I don’t, they’re gonna keep on growing”
~May Erlewine Bernard

Breathing in the cool crisp Michigan air, I am reminded of the season that is upon us.  This transition from green September leaves into falling, swirling bursts of October colors, the transformation of flowers into seeds. The harvest is here, and provides us with a wonderful opportunity to take stock of the many mysteries and blessings at work in our lives, and to give thanks for the bounty of the season. It also gives us a chance to pull those familiar, relentless weeds and to once again turn the compost.

When I begin to give in to the fear, anxiety, or despair that is so prevalent in our media and political worlds, I need only to look into the reality of my life in the present, and see the many gifts that are there for me. When I take refuge in this deeper reality, I am able to recognize the abundance of opportunities, relationships, and sustaining connections in my life right here and now.

I reflect on the seeds of music, mindfulness, community, and love that have been cultivated and that are growing steadily. I give thanks to the many hands and hearts who have helped these seeds germinate and bear fruit. Truly I cannot do any of this alone!

I see how my relationship with Allison continues to bloom and sustain me in many ways, and how our music together is growing deeper roots. Indeed we are looking forward to several Spirits Rising performances in the upcoming weeks.

I am also excited for the release of Allison’s debut album, Peachy Keyn, which will be available for the first time at this weekend’s Earthwork Music Harvest Gathering! 

The album is so beautiful (I know I am biased but it really is!) and showcases Allison’s talents as a pianist, songwriter, singer, and creative artist. I will let you know when it is also available online. For now though, you have to come to the Earthwork Farm or a Spirits Rising show and experience the musical harvest with us in person to purchase your copy!Joe and Allie Harvest 2014

 Both Allison and I look forward to celebrating the harvest with you and your family, and with the communities that help us to cultivate love, music, and happiness in our lives. May we recognize and give thanks for the true abundance available to us in this moment. 

Happy Harvest!



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