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Kick it out for the sake of gettin’ it out, and remembering you belong to this big thing you’re in, whatever it is. Jump right in for the sake of gettin’ it out, into the big you you’re in, I wish you could see yourself, you’re so beautiful.” ~Seth Bernard and May Erlewine

It was way back in the year 2000. I had just graduated from college and was working in both a coffee shop and a restaurant in Ann Arbor to save enough money to record my first album, Mothers and Daughters, and take off on a two-month nationwide tour via the Greyhound Bus. During one of my weekend evening shifts at the coffee shop, I took notice of a fellow singer songwriter and his throng of fans who packed the house that night and filled the place with the spirit of community and music.

Seth Bernard has been a friend and colleague ever since, and I have witnessed him expand his musical vision to build a strong and thriving community of folk musicians throughout Michigan and beyond. The Earthwork Music collective has been a source of inspiration and support on my musical path over the last decade, as I continue to return to the annual Earthwork Harvest Gathering in Lake City and share music with Seth Bernard, May Erlewine, and others within the collective. It was Earthwork musicians who helped initiate my most recent recording project, Greyhound Bus Tour.

I am very honored and thrilled to have been invited to officially join the Earthwork Music collective along with musician friends Dede Alderman, Ian Gorman, and the Red Sea Pedestrians.

After many years of traveling on this musical journey as a solo artist, I am happy to call Earthwork a home base, and welcome the support, collaboration, and continued inspiration of fellow Earthworkers. I also see this as an opportunity to share the bounty of the Earthwork collective with the many diverse and talented communities of which I am part. Music is the vehicle, the language, and the energy that connects us and helps us to know one another on a deeply human level.

Please visit the Earthwork Music site for more information about the collective. Get to know the other artists, if you haven’t already, and find out about the many wonderful Earthwork music events happening in Michigan and around the country.

I am also very proud and excited to announce the redesign of my website,
I would like to thank my brother, graphic artist Chris Reilly, who designed my current site in 2005 and has maintained it since then. Chris is an amazingly talented artist, please check out his site and see more of his creations.

I have recently teamed up with Boxcar Studio in Ann Arbor to create an updated design and a more in-depth site, which will have many cool features including the Samphibian kid’s game designed by Chris. Stay tuned for official launch details, coming soon!

Thank you to all who have sent in pre-orders for the Hello Ocean EP and Greyhound Bus Tour album. Both projects are still in production and I am still accepting pre-orders for both. Be sure to include your order of how many of each album you would like and also your mailing address where I can send the album when it is completed.

Send CD Pre-Orders To:

Joe Reilly
2458 Arrowwood Trail
Ann Arbor, MI 48105

$10/CD for the Hello Ocean EP (5 songs)
$15/CD for Greyhound Bus Tour album (11 songs)
Add $5/CD for signed copies and be sure to include your mailing address.

Thank you for all the support and encouragement you continue to share with me. We are on this journey together and I am so grateful! May we continue to water the seeds of joy, inclusivity, compassion, and community in ourselves, our families, and in our world.

With Love,


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