Disguised As Our Lives

“God comes to us disguised as our life.”
~Paula D’Arcy

Puffy snowflakes float like pieces of clouds falling lazily towards the Michigan land, reminding me that we are now in a sacred season of slowing down.  Winter draws me back to an eternal flame of light deep within my spirit, and a to connection with all life on this Mother Earth, even as it seems to pause in stillness and silence.

I am reminded of the importance of stopping, resting, and allowing the Great Spirit to fill my emptiness and to work within me.  Sometimes this season feels scary, barren, desolate, alone.  How will the impossibility of spring ever happen again?

I recognize this feeling as yet another invitation to dive deeper, beneath the frosty layers of fearful panic, and to take refuge in the rich warmth of community and stories, the serenity of silence, and the joy of laughter and songs.

As I work towards the completion of my Greyhound Bus Tour album, and embark on my 6th annual west coast tour, I reflect on the many ways that the Great Spirit continues to mysteriously and generously unfold as my life.

I am excited to bring my girlfriend Allison Radell on tour with me, to share with her the musical performances, the travel experiences, and the wonderful communities I have encountered on the west coast.  She is a gifted pianist and generous spirit and she lifts me up musically, emotionally, and spiritually.  We have lots of fun and enjoy making beautiful music together.

Photo by Linda Wan.

I know that the Great Spirit is also intimately involved in the creative process that has been growing into the Greyhound Bus Tour album over the past year, with contributions made from many wonderful musicians and artists including Allison, Seth and May, Joshua Davis, Michael Shimmin, Dominic John, and Rachael Davis.  It seems as though the album will be ready to release in May!

And I am reminded of the very organic nature of this creative process itself.  I cannot force the seeds to grow, no matter how much I may try.  I must surrender and nurture, accept and support, and embrace the very natural pace of what can sometimes feel painstakingly slow.

Great Spirit, make me like the earth, allow me to rest patiently beneath the peaceful snow, trusting that the flowers and green leaves are still possible and that they will indeed return when you are ready.  Help me to dance with you through these seasons, and to notice your wonder and beauty that is all around and within me in this present moment.

Happy winter dear friends!  Let us take refuge in the faith of springtime, and in the music that lives in our hearts.  Please help to spread the word about our upcoming performances along the west coast, and look for our early spring return to the Great Lakes shorelines and for a late spring album release.  And please continue to spread your own good news in this wintery world-news of hope, love, and happiness, news of the many ways God continues to be revealed in our wonderful and blessed lives.


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