Being Peace

Let your heart open wide
Let your heart open wide
Pour out all the love inside
That you’ve tried to hide
And let your heart open wide

Snow covers the Michigan landscape like a peaceful blanket, reminding me of the beauty of stillness and the importance of slowing my pace. Although there is always an endless list of things to do, winter invites me to focus more on being rather than doing. How can I be safe and warm? How can I be as peaceful as the snow? How can I be in alignment with the Great Mystery of transformation? How can I be an artist and activist for social justice? How can I be a good friend, fiance, brother, son, and neighbor?

As I contemplate these winter reflections, I notice the layer of icy fear that has begun to form around my heart. Will I be okay? Am I good enough? Is there any hope left for peace in our world? I breathe in and out mindfully, allowing the warmth of compassion and love to thaw the anxiety. Breathing, smiling, letting go, I return to the deep peace that lives below the fear.

It is from this place of peace that I seek to live. This is where the music flows, like water beneath the ice. This is where I rest in knowing that I am an intimate part of all life. This is where I can inter-be with all my relations. This is where I can act for justice with kindness and compassion.

As we move through this season of freezing and thawing, let us help one another to melt the ice, clearing a path to the love and joy that lives in our hearts. Let us be healing light and warmth for one another, let us sing together, let us be peace.

Singing with you,

Snowy Branches Filtered

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