Community Supported MUSIC

(More Understanding Sustainable Inclusive Compassionate) Culture

I create and share music because it brings me joy and inspires joy in others. I love my job as a singer and songwriter and hope to continue this work throughout my life in ways that support and build diverse and inclusive communities and help to create a more understanding, sustainable, inclusive, and compassionate society.

Joe Reilly


Joe Reilly’s Community Supported MUSIC Culture (CSM) is modeled on the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) economy of direct relationship between farmers and consumers. CSAs help sustain local and organic farms while providing quality produce and building and strengthening communities. It is Joe’s hope that this new CSM model will help sustain musicians like himself while providing quality creative music that supports diverse and inclusive communities.

Joe Reilly Community Supported MUSIC Culture member shares include:

  • Recorded songs unreleased to the public.
  • Advanced copies of all CD releases.
  • Updates about what is happening in Joe’s musical world.
  • Special creative surprise gifts!
  • Invitations to CSM potluck jam sessions for you and your families.