General Booking

Joe Reilly performs for audiences of all ages in a diverse variety of venues including but not limited to schools, colleges and universities, nature centers, libraries, community centers, festivals, churches, temples, stores, coffee shops, and living rooms. Joe performs solo and with various ensembles featuring some of the finest local musicians.

School Assemblies & Educational Programs

Joe Reilly is a singer, songwriter and environmental educator from Ann Arbor, Michigan. His way of working with children is empowering, inspiring, and educational. Offering an interactive musical program for students grades K-6, Joe makes learning about science and nature fun! Joe tailors his program to the appropriate grade level and brings smiles to audiences while teaching ecology, environmental science, and stewardship with creative lyrics and catchy melodies.

Curriculum areas that can be covered in Joe’s assembly include: Michigan facts and features, animal classification, the water cycle, respect for others, diversity, reading, writing, empathy, kindness, and community.

Joe is excited to be included in the 2018-21 Michigan Arts and Humanities Touring Artist Directory.  The Michigan Humanities Council has grants available for Michigan schools and non-profits that cover up to 40% of Joe’s performance fee!  Click here for information about the grant application process.

In addition to elementary schools throughout Michigan’s upper and lower peninsulas, Joe’s children and family performances have included:

  • Detroit Institute of Arts, Detroit, MI
  • Lopez Library, Lopez Island, WA
  • Malcolm X Library, San Diego, CA
  • La Pena Cultural Center, Berkeley, CA
  • North Park Nature Center, Chicago, IL
  • Kalamazoo Valley Museum, Kalamazoo, MI
  • Notebaert Nature Museum, Chicago, IL
  • Leslie Science and Nature Center, Ann Arbor, MI
  • Islandwood Environmental School, Bainbridge Island, WA

Joe has performed at our school.  Our kids LOVE listening to his songs during our class meeting times (we have a meeting in the am and another at the end of the day and play music to signal the start of mtg).  Each year we have a spring program where our kids sing and dance and sign and read/perform poetry and share what they have learned throughout the school year.  This year, they are interested in singing Joe’s song ‘I Love Nature.’

Teacher Paddock Elementary in Milan, MI

Songwriting Workshops & Residencies

Joe has written dozens of songs with groups of kids and adults in schools, community centers, churches, temples, festivals, and libraries. Using a collaborative approach that cultivates students’ abilities to listen to their inner creative voices, Joe facilitates a writing process that is empowering and inspirational. By sharing his own creative writing method with the group, Joe is able to help others get in touch with their true selves and find the courage to express their voices.

I LOVED working with Joe Reilly. He was amazingly compassionate, fun and easy-going. I was impressed by the way he integrated the students’ words into music. He asked them to introduce themselves by name and by something they love about nature. Then he wrote them all down and simply played his guitar and sang the words they had spoken. That was the beginning of the creation of our beautiful song.

One of the most challenging students in my field group came up with the title/chorus (“nature provides everything we need”) and when Joe asked what seeds need to grow, he said “patience.” It was wonderful to see this side of my student and it inspired me to listen to him better. I am so proud of what they created – I sing it to myself often. Make sure Joe comes back in future years! It was a treat to work with him!

JP Islandwood School, Bainbridge, WA