Peachy Keyn

“Music is our heartbeat.” 

Allison reminds me of this simple truth each time she sits down at her piano and masterfully weaves a musical tapestry. Her fingers and voice dance together through the air and help restore my heart to its original purpose: to love.

I know I am biased because I am in love with Allison, but I also know that many others hear beauty in her music and appreciate her artistry just as much as I do. From the shores of Lopez Island in Washington to the city streets of Detroit, audiences are impressed and inspired by her music.

I am happy and excited to announce the official release of Allison’s debut album Peachy Keyn. Integrating her diverse musical influences of jazz, blues, pop, and Native American singing, she creatively and generously shares her musical heartbeat with listeners.


Peachy Keyn Cover


The album is a unique collection of original instrumental and vocal pieces, with Allison’s piano and voice leading sophisticated arrangements of upright bass, drums, and acoustic guitar. Her songs will be sure to help you smile, tap your feet, connect with your musical heartbeat, and feel Peachy Keyn.

Please join us for a very special album release concert in Detroit at the lovely home of Julie Beutel on Saturday November 22nd at 7:30pm. Allison will perform songs from her new album and we will also perform songs together as Spirits Rising. Seats are limited so email Julie at to reserve your spot!

We will also make a special appearance in Mt. Pleasant earlier on Saturday for the Ziibiwing Circle of Indigenous Arts Market and Competition from 11am-3pm. Come to hear the music and support the artists.

Let us together support the musical heartbeat that sustains us all!



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